Swim Gear Guide: Arena Carbon Flex Jammer Review

The Arena Carbon Flex jammer is the most flexible of the Carbon series of matches. Here’s a breakdown and review for this popular jammer.

On the lookout for a suit that maximizes freedom of motion, but still provides the compression and water-repellent features?

As it’s name implies the Carbon Flex jammer is basically made for swimmers who need a lot of range of movement and to be able to lift their hips, making the jammer ideal for breaststrokers and I.M.’ers.

One of the most common experiences I have discovered with swimmers wearing this suit is that when drawing up their heels to their butts while performing breaststroke kick there was little to no resistance. Which is useful, obviously.

The selection of motion in the match is ideal for swimmers that need to have the ability to kick breaststroke with no suit tightening them up.
While I really like the Arena Carbon Guru for my most important occasions (the 50 and 100 freestyle), the considerably stiffer compression and paneling will make it harder for more events, in addition to for events which would demand far better hip mobility. The Arena Carbon Air jammer, on the other hand, is a far lighter jammer that’s well suited to extended wear (mid-distance to space events).

Throw water in your match before your race. Something I’ve experienced from time to time together with my jammers is getting just a little bit of water take down the back of my suit on my very first flip turn. This is usually because the suit doesn’t come up high enough on my rear end, or since the suit slides down a tiny bit after diving into the water. There are two things you can do to protect against this: (1) Organize your suit up somewhat tighter and (2) splash some water on the inside of your suit before the start. It will help to make your lawsuit”stick” to your own skin.

Rinse the suit with water. The Carbon Flex consists of 47 percent elastane (aka lycra). While this seems cool (or anything ), why I bring this up is because elastane is very fragile when it comes to mixing pool chemicals. It is what tears and wears so quickly and leads to the lawsuit to fade so fast. After each wear, be certain that you wash it out immediately with cold water. It is going to significantly extend the shelf life of your suit (and save you a great deal of buckeroos from the procedure ).

It’s still only a suit. I receive emails all the time from athletes wondering exactly what the “greatest” tech suit on the industry is. The truth is that the best jammer will not mend bad instruction and technique. However well the swim companies market these matches, the effects of these are just as powerful as your training. The suit you do end up choosing is only a small aspect of your overall performance, so don’t worry too much about that which jammer you do end up rolling with.

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