Tips Help You to Repair a Wetsuit

All you need is a tube of special neoprene glue like the popular Black Witch Wetsuit Adhesive, and a few other items you can find around the home! So, grab some wetsuit glue, a small paintbrush, a mug and two fairly heavy objects to weigh your wetsuit down with and we’ll get started.If your wetsuit has a nick, tear or hole in it then you’ll probably want a few tips on the best ways to patch it up so that it looks good as new again. Sacrificing your wetsuit for a new one is not always necessary.

Learn how to repair your wetsuit with this video from HEAD Swimming Nordic:


1. First place the mug upside down on a surface and position it directly underneath the rip in your wetsuit. Then place the weights on either side of the mug to keep the rip open and accessible.Wetsuit Repair Step 12. Then take a piece of paper and pour out some glue onto it. Use a small brush to mix the glue, then begin applying it to the inside of the rip. Make sure that the inside of the rip is completely covered with a thin layer of glue.

Wetsuit Repair Step 23. If things get messy, don’t worry! You can use the handle of the brush to remove residual glue.Wetsuit Repair Step 34. Wait until the first layer of glue is dry, and then put another layer of glue on and let it dry for about 10 minutes. The glue surface should now have the same tacky/sticky feeling as a post-it note. You are looking for the glue to be sticky rather than wet at this point.Wetsuit Repair

5. Now you can remove the weights and press the edges of the rip together. Make sure to press from the “inside and out”, and make sure the edges align. The glue is very strong and a mistake might be difficult to correct.

Wetsuit Repair Step 4

6. Let the glue dry for about 1 hour before using the suit. Congratulations, your repair is now done! You now (hopefully) have a fully repaired nick, tear or rip and can head back out into the open water!

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